Saturday, July 7, 2012

Missionary Farewell/ Friends at Church

Rebecca is the daughter of Alice and Jason who teach the Book  of Mormon Institute Class on Thursdays.  Don has found a new best friend.

Elder Armstrong is being transferred to Dunedin and so he wanted one last picture with the young adult group.

Crystal and Astrid

The girls in pink - Jasmin, Chelsea and Alison

Elder Windhausen (German) and Elder Finlinson (USA)
Elder Finlinson has completed his two years and is returning to the United States (Delta, Utah)  The missionaries always eat dinner with the Jacobsen's on Wednesday nights so for the farewell the McVey's and us were invited to join them.  Sister Jacobsen is the High Commissioner for the country of Niue (pronounced new way) and she lives at the Embassy which is next door to the United States Embassy.  We ate there on July 4th and it was a feast.  We had sausages, roast, chicken and fish and then numerous side dishes including potato salad and to finish it all we had three different desserts. The missionaries say that they are fed that much every Wednesday. The country of Niue is the smallest country in the world with a population of 1500.  Their embassy is unguarded but next door the  US Embassy is heavily guarded.  Sister Jacobsen is the ambassador over 25,000 people from Niue living in New Zealand.

Mikey is moving this week to Auckland to help care for his mother.  Mikey is legally blind but he beat Don at pool the other night and Don doesn't want anyone to know that he was beat by a blind man.

We fed the missionaries on Tuesday night and it was our last night with Elder Armstrong.  He will leave Thursday morning to serve in Dunedin (which is at the southern end of the south island and is very cold).

Elder Armstrong and Elder Florian

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