Friday, January 25, 2013

Green Dragon

The Green Dragon is the bar used in the film.  It is located near the houses and over a bridge.  The bridge was only to be used during filming but when they decided to have tours they had to re-enforce the bridge.

This is the bridge leading to the Green Dragon.

This is Don ordering his complimentary drink.

This is a view of the houses that are built in the hills.

This is Sam's house.  At the end of Lord of the Rings Sam gets married and he walks to this house to meet his wife and two children.  The child that he is holding in the movie is actually his child and the actress is actually holding her child.

December 22, 2012

History of the movie site:

In September 1998 Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema discovered the Alexander farm during an aerial search for suitable film sites.  The fantastic views and rolling countryside of the Alexander farm closely resembled that of Middle Earth as described by Tolkien.  The farm was perfect.  The rolling farmland was untouched by 20th century clutter such as roads, buildings or power lines.  Construction started in March 1999. 

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