Saturday, June 18, 2011


When we got home the information was here for us to begin work on our Visa's.  First we had to go have 4 passport photos taken.  Then we started to fill out all of the forms.  We had two forms - one for medical and one for the actual visa.  One picture was put on the visa application and three on the medical form.  The doctor had to sign over the passport photo to verify that we were actually that person.  The lab and x-ray technicians also had to sign the photo.  The x-ray had to be read and the forms filled out before Dr. Tom Jones could complete the whole medical packet.  On all the forms the date was written day, month, year.  We had a hard time remembering this when dating the forms.

All was completed and we took it to the post office on Friday, May 20th.  We were a little nervous about sending our passports but we send it certified mail so we could check on it.  It was received by the travel departments the following Monday, May 23rd.  They will now obtain our visas for us.

May 20, 2011
USA  5/20/11
NZ 20/5/11

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