Thursday, February 21, 2013


Tuesday, February 19th was our last day at the archives.  Roy and Lorraine work every Tuesday so they were also at the archives.

Jonathan is our main man.  He brings us our lists and arranges for our boxes and solves any problems we have.  He replaced Fiona when she went to Japan.

Benti on the right is from Napal and she is the one that is responsible to bring us our boxes.

Jonathan got us flowers as a gesture of appreciation and also arranged the high tea in our honor.

Vernon is over the whole project that the church has with the archives.

Margaret is a very nice lady who we got to know while working at the archives.

Donna is the receptionist and always makes our day with her farewells at the end of a hard day.

This is our total of images captures during the 18 months.

Paul is the security guard and he always greets us first thing in the morning.

February 19, 2013

Young Adults

On Monday night the Young Adults had a dinner to say goodbye to us, Alison, and Robin.  Alison is going to work in Invercargill and Robin is going back to his homeland of Germany. 

Chelsey, Rangi and Destiny are cooking int he kitchen.

Alison, Jasmine, Ephraim, Astrid, and Orini

Lindy, Chrystal, Kim and Olivia

Nick, Oreo, and Jordan.

February 18, 2013


This is a picture of Will on the left and Michael on the left.  When we first came to Wellington we saw a lot of young people expressing themselves in dress and appearance.  This is common since Victoria University is very close to us.  One day we were walking down the street and saw a young man dressed in all black with long hair and a very long beard.  However, the one thing that really stood out was his long fingernails.  We had never seen nails that long and didn't even know it was possible to grow them that long.

Later the young adults were given assignments to go visit the young adults who were on the rolls as being members but no one knew who they were or if they even still lived in Wellington.  They located some of the members and invited them to Family Home Evening.  Imagine our surprise when this young man with the long fingernails ended up coming to Family Home Evening and he was a member of the church and had been raised in the church in Wanganei.  The young adults were very receptive to him and he continued to come to church.  However, he stopped coming to FHE and we didn't see him for about a month.

Then one Sunday we went to the taping of the General Conference and afterwards this very sharp looking young man came up to us and started talking and their was something about him which seemed familiar but I didn't recognize him.  He finally said, "Do you know who I am" and it finally dawned on me that it was Michael, the boy with the long fingernails.

Michael now comes to church every Sunday and has turned his life around completely.  When asked what changed he just said that when he came to the university he wanted to become different but now it was time for a change.  He is an amazing person.

February 20, 2013


February 15th was my birthday and look at all the people who came out to celebrate.  They sang Happy Birthday to me in the square in Napier.  This is also Don's new car. 

We loved how they even dressed up their little children.  This little boy is adorable.

Sister Farnes borrowing this dog for a picture.  

This couple went all out with a fancy dinner outside.

This boys were selling candy to get money to go to camp.

February 15 and February 16, 2013

Te Mata Peak

Te Mata Peak overlooks the Hastings valley and clear out to the ocean.  The hills are usually a lush green but the country has been experiencing a lack of rain so the hills are all brown.

The senior couples overlooking the city.

February 15, 2013

Taka Walker

Taka Walker is a Maori man who does carvings for the Marae's and a lot of his work has gone to Hawaii for the Polynesian Cultural Center.  

This is a carving of his great, great grandmother.

He first draws it out on paper and then carves it.  This drawing is very intricate and the picture in the middle is the carving which is shown in the picture above.

This is his great, great grandfather which was suppose to be over 7 feet tall and was referred to as a giant.

February 15, 2013


Elder and Sister Farnes arranged for the Senior Couples to get together before going into Napier for the Art Deco Days.  There ward provided brunch for all of us at the church at 11:00 a.m. on February 15.  They had a large variety of food.  

Elder and Sister Farnes dressed up in the 1930's outfits.  Each year Napier hosts the Art Deco Days to remember the great earthquake in 1930 which destroyed most of the city.  For the last 25 years they have remembered the strength of their ancestor who rebuilt this city into the great city which it is today by reliving that era.

Sister McVey and Sister Hirschi

These are the great Maori sisters who provided the brunch.  The Maori people are very giving and if they provide the food there is usually a lot and you are expected to eat a lot.
These are the nine couples who attended.  From left to right:  President and Sister Kezarian, Overton's, Shepherds, McVeys, Farnes, Hirschis, Hadlocks, Freemans and Richards.

We ended the day with eating at a pizza place in Havelock which located just outside of Hastings.

February 15, 2013