Saturday, March 31, 2012

Roy and Lorraine's 50th Wedding Anniversary

 On March 24, 2012 Roy and Lorraine Ditchburn reached their 50th year of marriage.  They then celebrated with a small group of friend on March 31st.  When we arrived in New Zealand we replaced Roy and Lorraine at the archives.  We have become very good friends with them through our training from them at the archives and also our association with them at church.
When New Zealanders have high tea they have massive amounts of delicious food and it is usually served on their best china (except for the tupperware plate in the front).

Roy and Lorraine cutting the cake

March 31, 2012

Otari Wilton-Bush Hike

 Don and I hiked through Otari- Wilton Bush this morning.  Job Wilton and his wife Ellen were farmers and were responsible for protecting the 17 acres of bush area.  The European settlers started to log and burn forested areas all over New Zealand to clear land for farming and homes.  Job fenced off this 17 acres for protection from the Europeans.  Job Wilton and his family went to extraordinary lengths to keep the forested area intact.  Job lived from 1834-1916.  In 1902 he commissioned the Minister of Lands to have this area made into protected land and his wish was granted in 1906.

March 31, 2012

Terrace Tunnel

Terrace Tunnel









Jonina and Jasmine

The Terrace Tunnel which leads directly from Wellington to Motorways 1 and 2 had a complete refit and overhaul.  Apart from the concrete lining of the tunnel, nearly everything is new.  After the completion, the tunnel was closed from about 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. so that the community could walk the tunnel.  A group of the young adult were asked to stand along the tunnel and elicit money for the local community hospital.  We took pictures of the tunnel and also of the young adults.

March 25, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

Give Way Rules

Sunday March 25, 2012 at 5:00 a.m. the give way rules change.  We are excited about this because it will now be more in line with the American yield rules.  However,  it will change a rule that has been in existence for many, many years for New Zealanders.   Since they drive on the opposite side of the road the old rules has always been a little confusing for us.  The two new rules are "If you're turning right, give way" .  The old way was if you were turning right the the traffic turning left or going straight had to wait for you.  We will always confused by this since we thought that the traffic going straight would have the right of way.  Second rule: "Top of the 'T' goes before me.  This means that if you come to a T in the road that the straight traffic and the right turning traffic now have the right of way.  The new rules are much more consistent with the American rules. Wish us luck as we travel to church today.

March 25, 2012

President Kezerian's Visit to the Archives

 President and Sister Kezerian visited the archives on March 20th and then received a tour of the archives by Fiona Clark who also works with us daily on retrieving boxes, lists and any other digitizing need.
 President Kezerian tried his hand at digitizing the probate records.  He was very proficient at his job.
 Sister Kezerian kept saying "Oops" but luckily we have a retake button for any mistakes.
Fiona is holding one of the documents which was shown during the tour of the archives.  The tour as usual was very informative.  This is the second tour we have taken and each time Fiona find new and interesting documents.

March 20, 2012

National War Memorial

 Saturday we also had the opportunity of visiting the National War Memorial located in Wellington.  The National War Memorial commemorates all the New Zealanders who died in the South African War, the two World Wars and the conflicts in Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam.  It also honors the men and women who served New Zealand in those wars.
 Since Don served in the artillery in Vietnam he took this picture of the alcove remembering the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery.
 The hall features twelve alcoves or mini-chapels, each with its own dedicated plaque of remembrance for a branch of the armed services.  Vietnam didn't get its own alcove but just a little place on the wall before leaving the memorial.
The Carillon tower is full of 49 original bells which are played regularly.  Each of these bells has its own name and personal dedication. Bells have been added over the years and in 1995 the government donated four large bass bells which were named Peace, Hope, Grace and Remembrance.  Peace is the largest bell in the southern hemisphere.

March 17, 2012

Government House

The bagpipes are playing for the open house of the Government House which only happens once a year.
 The Government House is the official residence of the Governor-General who is the representative of the Queen of New Zealand.  Member of the Royal Family of England often stay at the House when making visits to New Zealand.  It was officially built in 1910 but was closed from 2008 until March 24, 2011 for renovations such as seismic strengthening and removal of asbestos. The Government House has eight guest suites, a self-contained apartment for the Governor General and family, as well as a ballroom, conservatory, sitting rooms, service rooms, kitchens and a wing of offices.


Ballroom with picture of Queen Elizabeth II


Sitting Room

Sitting Room


Official Dining Room

Rear Entrance of the Government House

Tennis Courts - Turf

Kitchenette near tennis courts

Building next to tennis courts

Convicts Wall

Convicts Wall

March 17, 2012