Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bucket List

 On Don's bucket list of things to do before leaving New Zealand was to golf on one of the golf courses.
His dream came true on August 6, 2012 when the Stake President George Harvey (who is member of the Paraparaumu Beach Golf Club invited Don, President Kezerian and Tom McVey to play golf with him.  This is a links course so it was a little different course for him.  He had to rent clubs and had to play without his golf shoes.  It wasn't his best score but he loved every minute of it.

August 6, 2012

Zone Conference

 We had the privilege of attending Zone Conference on Friday, August 24th.  Wellington Ward was in charge on the luncheon and they did a wonderful job.  We had ham, coleslaw, green salad, potato salad, rolls and numerous desserts.
We had the opportunity of having two General Authorities from the Seventies and their wives visit us.  They are changing the Stake Presidency on Sunday and they have come from Utah and from Auckland to make the change.  Elder Craig Christensen and his wife are located in Utah and Elder Pearson and his wife are from Utah but currently living in Auckland presiding over the New Zealand and Australia and surrounding islands.  Most of the Senior Couples from the North Island were able to attending this Zone Conference.

They spoke at Zone Conference and then again at the Saturday evening meeting and then spoke at the Sunday session.  The current Stake Presidency consists of President George Harvey and his counselors President Turner and President Puke.  The new presidency which was announced at the meeting today are:  President Peter Thomson (Stake President)  President Quinton Howard (1st Counselor) and President Mendez (2nd Counselor).  President Howard is currently our bishop so we will get a new Bishop in the next week or so.  President Harvey had been in as Stake President for the past nine years so it was time for a change.

August 26, 2012

Kapiti Coast

 This is Heather and Ethan's last day in New Zealand and we are trying to finish our planned activities.  We started out at 10:00 a.m. with a visit to the outdoor market on the waterfront and then a visit to Te Papa Museum.

This is a view of the harbour from the top of Te Papa.

Driving along the Kapiti Coast you can view the Kapiti Island which is a protected island and a sanctuary for wild birdlife.

We had lunch at Fisherman's Table which is along the coast .

This is the view outside of the restaurant and looking towards the South Island.

The ward had a carnival and they had a bouncey house and a sumo wrestling pit.  This is Sister McVey and Kree (one of the young adults).

After the carnival we still had time to go to Weta Caves for a look around the gift shop.  Weta Caves is the production company of Peter Jackson.

August 18, 2012

Cape Palliser

This is the road going to Cape Palliser.  

This lighthouse is known for its numerous steps.  There are 250 steps.

Along the coast near Cape Palliser is a seal colony.  They were all over the place even next to the road.  Looking around us we figures there must have been at least 100 of them.  

This one is letting us know that we are in his territory.  They growl to get their message across.

If you look close you can see them all over the rocks.  

This is the trail leading up to the Pinnacles (another Lord of the Rings site).  However, you have to cross the river about 7 or 8 times to get to the site and the river was moving too fast.

However, Ethan was willing to get in the river and walk up to the area where the rock formations like this one totally surround you.

New Zealand trips would not be complete without a picture of sheep.

August 17, 2012


Rivendell is outside of Upper Hutt and is where the Lord of the Rings was filmed.  This is one of the bridges in the park.

A river flows through the area.

Near the bridge is a walkway that takes you down to the edge of the river.

August 17, 2012


 After leaving Motueka in Abel Tasman National Forest we travelled to Picton to catch the Interislander Ferry to take us back to Wellington.

In Picton they had automated high tech bathrooms which would  play music when the door shut and would talk to you throughout the process.  You had to push a button to get the toilet paper and then the toilet wouldn't flush until you had washed you hands.  It also informed you once the door was locked of how much time you had until the door would reopen.  We all had to try it and it was a once in a lifetime experience.

Heather and Ethan on the ferry ready for the voyage.

Besides just transporting passengers they also transport vehicles and trains.  This is looking out as the vans are loaded onto the ferry.  They first load large trucks, then vans and last automobiles.

It is beautiful travelling through the fjords.

This is a picture of the ferry.  Since the trip takes 3 hours they have various activities for the passengers.  There is a movie theater, cafes,  play equipment for the young passengers, and cribs for the babies.

This is the tugboat which guides the ferry to its destination once it gets to Wellington.

August 16, 2012