Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pukekura Park

 Pukekura Park is located in New Plymouth and the beauty is stunning. Everything is so lush and green which is a little different than in St. George.  Everything grows whether you want it to or not.

 This bridge is use a lot for bridal pictures.  We especially liked the reflection in the water.

 This outdoor amphitheater is used for performances during the year.

 This cozy little restaurant is inside the park and we all ate our lunches on the tables located near the water.

 The couple in the middle are the Hirschi's and they always travel to meet with us for dinner but since they live in Inglewood (just outside of New Plymouth) we decided to visit them for our monthly dinner.  The couples from left to right are:  McVey's, Sheppard's, Chelsey's, Hirschi's, Overton's and Brazzeals.  The Brazzeals serve in the mission office in Wellington and they are scheduled to return to their home in St. George the end of August.  Hopefully, the visa will come through for their replacement.  Since January no visas have been issued to any missionary from the United States or Canada.
May 26, 2012

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