Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cape Palliser

This is the road going to Cape Palliser.  

This lighthouse is known for its numerous steps.  There are 250 steps.

Along the coast near Cape Palliser is a seal colony.  They were all over the place even next to the road.  Looking around us we figures there must have been at least 100 of them.  

This one is letting us know that we are in his territory.  They growl to get their message across.

If you look close you can see them all over the rocks.  

This is the trail leading up to the Pinnacles (another Lord of the Rings site).  However, you have to cross the river about 7 or 8 times to get to the site and the river was moving too fast.

However, Ethan was willing to get in the river and walk up to the area where the rock formations like this one totally surround you.

New Zealand trips would not be complete without a picture of sheep.

August 17, 2012

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