Thursday, February 21, 2013

Larnach Castle

This is the only castle in New Zealand and was owned by William Larnach.  Larnach's lasting legacy was his great castle overlooking the spectacular Otago Harbor.

Larnach built the castle for his first wife, Eliza Jane Guise.  Construction began in 1871.  200 workmen labored for 3 years before the family moved in.  The ballroom was completed in 1887 and was built as a birthday gift for his daughter's 21st birthday.

The castle has a tragic history.  William Larnach took his own life with a single pistol shot to the head.  His first wife Eliza died at age 38.  He then married her sister who also died at 38.  His son shot himself and his daughter died of thyroid fever which is contacted at the hospital where she worked.  His son also had an affair with his 3rd wife.

This is one of the gardens located around the castle.  The castle is located on the Otago Peninsula.

February 9, 2013

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