Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monthly Dinner

 We arrived at Paraparaumu early so we took a sidetrip down to the ocean.
 We saw the circle in the sand and figured it was made with a plant blowing in the wind.
 Outside the restaurant the seagulls seemed to like the top of cars.  They even smiled for the camera.
Once a month all the Senior Couples around here go out to dinner.  The couples are Don and I, the McVey's, Brazzeals and the Patchetts.  The Patchetts live in Levin so we decided to meet halfway in a town called Paraparaumu (which is called Pram by the locals).  It was nice getting together and meeting the Patchetts.  They are from Mesa, Arizona and have been out a little over a year.  He is the branch president so he is very busy but she says she was bored at first but she now sometimes goes out with the young sister missionaries.

October 21, 2011

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