Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Festival of Carnivale

 On Thursday, September 29 eleven destroyers came into the harbor.  They haven't been to Wellington in over 20 years.  When they entered they did a twenty one gun statute which you can see by the smoke behind them.  We saw them come in from a distance and saw the smoke but couldn't hear the guns.  They will be here over the weekend.

 On Friday we was finally a really warm day. It got up to 17 celius so we decided to play hookie for an hour and go up to Mt. Victoria for the nice view.  It was very clear and we could see in every direction.  It was really a beautiful day.

 On Saturday October 1st the sailors from the destroyers did a parade down Lambton Quay.  There were sailors all over Wellington for the weekend.

 Here are some of the destroyers up close.  People were allowed to go on them but the line was extremely long so we decided to just enjoy them from a distance.

 At Te Papa Museum there was a couple who did tape art for the festival.  They used the blue painters tape to do a mural on the side of the museum.  It will only last for about 2 days and then it will start to peel off.  So if you ever wonder what to do with your painters tape maybe you can try this.
After the festival we decided to go for a ride along the coast and then up into the hills.  This is another view of Wellington.  We still get our directions mixed up because of the ocean on the wrong side on the town.  This view was taken from near the most southern tip of the north island.

On Monday at Family Home Evening they had sundaes with toppings.  They had sprinkles that go on top of the ice cream but they don't call them sprinkles they call them hundreds and thousands.  We were a little confused when they asked if we wanted some hundreds and thousands on our ice cream.

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