Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tongans Visit to the Archives

Mike Higgins is working with the Tongan Government to set up a digi-lab in their country's archives.  So today the New Zealand Archives hosted 4 dignitaries from Tonga and they toured our lab.

At 10:00 we were invited to a tea.  The first speaker spoke in Maori (language of Maori people in New Zealand).  Then we all sang a song to them in Maori (except the 4 Americans who didn't know the song) and then a line was formed and they greeted us.  Instead of a handshake the greeting of Tongan people is to touch foreheads and noses.  It seemed a little different to us.

They also have a tradition that the men always sit on the front row and the women sit behind them.  Their theory for this is that if the man is in front he can protect the woman.

They then came and saw the digi-lab and we explained how we processed the documents and then how they were filmed.

There were 4 dignitaries from tonga and 3 of them were LDS.  We have heard there are a lot of members in Tonga.

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