Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tour of the Archives

We have now been at the archives for about 3 months and we have never had a tour.  So Fiona (the girl who supplies us with all our boxes to film) decided to take us on a tour.  She took us to places where normally tours never go.

 She also pulled out interesting documents for us to see..  We saw the marriage license for Sir Edmund Hillary who climbed Mt. Everest.  He was brave enough to climb Mt. Everest but too afraid to propose to his girlfriend so he had his mother do it.
 In New Zealand there is a new book coming out about a murder that happened on the South Island many years ago.  It was news back then because New Zealand is very safe and has very few murders.  The story is about a rich girl who moves to New Zealand and becomes close friend with a poor girl from the other side of the tracks.  The rich girls mother doesn't want her to be friends with the poor girl so they decide to move.  The girls then plot the murder of her mother.  They end up killing the mother and are found guilty, but because of their age they only served 5 years in prison.  Fiona showed us the court records of the trial.

The poor girl later became a writer and wrote murder mysteries under another name.  When Fiona said the writer's name Sister McVey said that she knew someone by that same name and had read some of her novels.  Sister McVey went home and goggled the name and it was the same person.  The interesting thing is that this writer later joined the Mormon church and her books are now sold at Deseret Books.

This is the longest word in New Zealand.  Try pronouncing this.

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