Friday, March 23, 2012

Senior Dinner - Paraparamua

 We had our monthly senior couples dinner at Fisherman's Table located just south of Paraparamua.  It was located on the ocean and in the background you can see the South Island which seems close but it is actually about 30 miles away.
It is always nice to meet with the Sheppards, Chelseys, Brazzeals, Patchetts, McVey's and the Hirshis.  The Hirshis live in Taranaki which is about a 4 hour drive so they have the furthest to travel but they spent the night in Foxton Beach with the Patchetts before returning home.  The Patchetts left this week to return to Mesa, Arizona.  He served as a Branch President in the Foxton area and they have now completed their 18 month assignment. They said that they are excited to return and see their children and grandchildren but that they will also miss the new friends that they have made while serving in New Zealand.

March 16, 2012

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