Friday, March 23, 2012

National War Memorial

 Saturday we also had the opportunity of visiting the National War Memorial located in Wellington.  The National War Memorial commemorates all the New Zealanders who died in the South African War, the two World Wars and the conflicts in Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam.  It also honors the men and women who served New Zealand in those wars.
 Since Don served in the artillery in Vietnam he took this picture of the alcove remembering the Royal Regiment of New Zealand Artillery.
 The hall features twelve alcoves or mini-chapels, each with its own dedicated plaque of remembrance for a branch of the armed services.  Vietnam didn't get its own alcove but just a little place on the wall before leaving the memorial.
The Carillon tower is full of 49 original bells which are played regularly.  Each of these bells has its own name and personal dedication. Bells have been added over the years and in 1995 the government donated four large bass bells which were named Peace, Hope, Grace and Remembrance.  Peace is the largest bell in the southern hemisphere.

March 17, 2012

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