Friday, January 25, 2013

Angels in Men's Clothing

     The archives was closed again for the Christmas Holidays so Don and I decided to visit the north part of the North Island before returning home in February 2013.  We attended a session at the Hamilton Temple on December 21st and then on Saturday the 22nd we traveled to the filming site for the Peter Jackson Hobbit movie called Hobbiton.  It rained a little going there so Don turned on the lights but then it got sunny and when we stopped we forgot to turn off the lights.  When we returned from the tour 2 hours later the battery was dead.  We were in New Zealand with no road assistance card and no towns were even close to the area.  We were fortunate that they actually had jumper cables there at the Shire Cafe and within a half hour we were on the road again.
     Then on Christmas Even we were in a small town of Coromandel.  We missed the turn to the Petrol Station and had to turn around on a road with high grass on each side.  We thought we were driving on grass but the grass actually covered a deep ditch.  We were stuck and on Christmas Eve in a small town we were not likely to get help.  But within a couple of minutes a lady drove by and stopped and said,  "I have to take my daughter to work but I will be back and get my husband to help."  She returned within 15 minutes and they pulled us out and we were on the road again.  When we offered to pay they refused and told us to just pass it on.
     Because the battery was the original battery for the car it again went out in Kerikeri but again we were helped within a couple of minutes when two mechanics were walking to their cars in the parking lot and they also had jumper cables and jumped the car again.  Luckily we were in a town that had a garage where we could purchase a new battery.
     In each of these three incidents we were in the right place with the right people to get the help we needed.  I feel the Lord was watching over us and protecting us with these special people.

December 22, 2012

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