Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Family Home Evening

Tonight was FHE and Mikey did a great job with the lesson.  He first gave everyone 3 lollies and then they had to go around and ask questions about the other people.  If they answered with a yes, no or a nod of the head they would lose their lolly (candy).  Then he gave a lesson on how it felt when you got a lolly or lost one.  He correlated it with friendship and how it feels when you are a friend or lose a friend.  We then play a game at the end.  We put chairs around in a circle and then the person in the middle would say something they had never done but if you had done it you had to find another chair and if you didn't you were in the middle.  Don got a little carried away so I don't know if we will be invited again or not.

Kim (who goes by Cree) works for an oral surgeon.  She wasn't busy on Monday so she made some glasses out of dental material.  As you can see she wore them to FHE.

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  1. Hi Kathy and Don. I found your blog from your facebook and have really enjoyed reading it. How wonderful that you can serve this awesome mission. What an exciting place to be too. You both look great! We are keeping you in our prayers for a successful mission experience. We loved our mission and have wonderful memories from it.