Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Zone Conference

December 22nd was our first zone conference since arriving in New Zealand.  It started in the North Palmerston Chapel which is about a 2 hour drive from Wellington.  They had the elder and sisters who are leaving bear their testimonies.  They all mentioned how fast the time had gone and how they would miss being in the mission field.  Then we all went into the cultural hall for some entertainment.  Each district had been assigned to do a skit.  They were all very well thought out and entertaining.  Below are some of our favorites.

 This skit was about being spiritual fit.  Their fitness instructor was called Mr. Wimpy and he was leading them in some exercises.  This one if on how to solve conflict between companions.  They did push up while talking out their problems.

 This exercise is call the squat and pray.  You squat down and then fall to your knees and pray.
 These missionaries are from our district and they decided to do the haka with the Old McDonald Had a Farm song.  It was very funny.
 They did a great job of doing the haka.  I think the front one has had a lot of practice.

 This skit was like A Minute to Win It Game.  President Kezarian (on the left) won and his wife and Elder Brazzeal also participated.  All Sister McVey and I could think about it how much money it cost for all of those tissue boxes.
 The missionary on the right is very musically gifted.  He sings, plays the piano and also composes his own music.
 Each missionary was asked to bring a gift under $2.00 to share.  We all picked one gift from under the Christmas tree and then stood around the walls of the cultural hall.  President Kezarian read a story and every time he would say right you had to pass the present to your right.  If he said left then the present went left.  At the end of the story you got to keep whatever present you had in your hands.  Don got a pink jump rope and I got 2 church DVDs, a water gun, miniature basket, small toy and some candy.

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