Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ward Christmas Party

 Today was a really nice day.  It felt like summer had finally arrived.  Our ward had its Christmas party at a park near Te Papa Museum.  Everyone brought their lunch and then something to share.
 The man in the blue stripped shirt and hat is our bishop.  His name is Bishop Howard.  He is an outstanding bishop.
A lot of young missionaries were there and they were playing rugby in the grassy area next to the picnic area.  You can tell that Elder Lott doesn't get out in the sun much.  Look at those white legs.
The Bishopric cooked sausages and then there was chips, fruit and juice.  It was a fun day but the sun was so hot the even with sunblock I got burnt.  Don as usual got a nice tan.  They say that down here we are closer to the sun so we have to be very careful when the sun is shining (which isn't very often)

December 10, 2011

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