Wednesday, December 14, 2011

YSA Christmas Dinner

 Family Home Evening is always on Monday night but because this is the last FHE for the year they decided to have a dinner.  It was suppose to be held on the roof of the mission offices but it was too cold so the McVey's (who also live on the top floor of the mission office) moved all of their living room furniture out so that they could put up tables for the dinner.
 This is a picture of Aloeweiss (who is planning on serving a mission soon), Elder Lott (the missionary who lives behind us) and Mario who is planning on leaving for his mission to Bisbane, Australia on December 29th.
We had ham, potatoes, corn and of course sausages.  New Zealanders love their sausages wrapped up in a piece of buttered bread with tomato sauce.
The girls from left to right are:  Jasmine, Astrid, Julia, Aloeweiss, Thompson girl and Chelsea.
 The boys are:  Cody, Alastair, Matthias and Jordyn.  They are only 18 so they don't usually attend FHE on Monday nights.  They usually have it with their families.  Three of them are in our Temple Prep Class.
 Elder Armstrong just came to Wellington from Christchurch.  His companion is Elder Lott.  Guy is at the back with Dustin.  Dustin is from Spanish Fork, Utah and he came to Wellington to play rugby.  He is going back to the states with week.

 After dinner we did a white elephant exchange.  This was the first time that people in New Zealand had played it.  The children loved it so you can see.

Elder Armstrong was so happy with his pink pillow.  At the end it was taken away from him and he ended up with pick up stick.  However, missionaries can't have games so it gave them away.  Elder Armstrong also lives behind us and he is always singing and often we hear him through the walls.

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