Saturday, January 7, 2012

Arrowtown - Shotover Ride

 We went to a small town outside of Queenstown called Arrowtown and it is a quaint little town.  We ate breakfast outside in this small little cafe.

 This is some of the little shops located on the main street of Arrowtown.
 They have an outside market twice a year and it happened to be happening on the day that we were there.  We were thankful that we have a limit on luggage to get home or else we would have bought a lot of items.  They had so many beautiful hand made items and they were reasonably priced.

The Shotover Ride was in a beautiful canyon with rocks hanging out and the boat would come as close as he could to the rocks.  It seemed like we were going to hit the rocks many times.  He would then have the jet boat go very fast in the 360 degree circle.  I thought it looked scary but it was very exciting and fun.

December 27, 2011

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