Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mt. Cook - Queenstown

 In Queenstown they have a gondola which takes you high above the city and you can get a panoramic view.  It is a spectacular view.

 This is view of Queenstown from the gondola.  It has mountains all around and different lakes in the middle of the town.

 On the top of the mountain there are a lot of different activities.  They have tandem hang gliding.  We saw a couple of people coming up the ski lift to continue on to go hang gliding.  It looks pretty exciting but also very scary.
 This sign lets you know how many kilometers you are from different locations.  We were only 11492km from Los Angeles.

 This is the Skyline Restaurant where we ate dinner.  It is located on the very top of the hill overlooking Queenstown.
Fergburger is the happening place in Queenstown.  There is always a long line of people waiting to eat there.

Also on our way to Queenstown we became familiar with two other delicious food items.  The first one was in a town called Twizel.  We stopped at the Shawty's Cafe for breakfast.  We ordered hot chocolate and it was hot chocolate with melted marshmallows on top sprinkled with coco and two colored marshmallows on the side.  It was so good that we had to compare hot chocolates every day to see who had the best.  In Cromwell they have fresh fruit and they have a machine that mixes ice cream with the fresh fruit.  It also is addictive.

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