Saturday, January 28, 2012

Southward Car Museum

 The Southward Car Museum is the largest and most varied collection of motor vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere.  Below are some of the most interesting cars that we saw.  It dates us when we remember some of these first hand.

 This is a car that they made from some of the scrap pieces that they had laying around the museum.

 One car inventor liked to make cars that were creative and would appeal to children.  This is one of his creations.

 This is New Zealand's oldest car.  It is an 1895 Benz.

 This is the second oldest car in New Zealand.
 This car is called the copper car.  It took thousands of hours to pound dents into the car and then coat it completely with copper.
 This is a Nash Rambler.  I actually remember these cars being around when I was growing up.

 This is a picture of the first floor of cars.  There is also a basement which also houses many more cars and an upstairs which has a collection of motorcycles and bicycles.
This car has not been restored and it definitely shows its age.

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