Saturday, February 25, 2012

February Dinner

 Once a month the senior couples in the Wellington area get together for dinner.  This month we decided instead of going out to a restaurant we would have it at the McVey's.  They live on the top floor of the mission office building.  We also decided since they have access to the whole building that we would show the church movie called "17 Miracles" in the area on the first floor where we have Family Home Evening every Monday night.  The couples who attended were the Sheppards, Brazzeals, McVeys, Chelseys, Patchetts and Overtons.
 The Patchetts on the left are now short timers.  They will return to Arizona the middle of March.  They have been serving in Foxton for the last 18 months.  They plan on travelling to the south island for a couple of days before flying home.  The Chelseys on the right have been here for about 2 months but had to return to the states a week ago for the funeral of her father. Her father was 89 years old but it was in good health when they left so they were surprised that he passed away suddenly.   It was a quick trip and she said that she had jet lag for a couple of days after returning.

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