Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lake Taupo and Huka Falls

 On Thursday February 9th we traveled from Wellington to Hamilton, New Zealand to the Hamilton Temple. We traveled up Highway 1 which goes from the south tip of the north island clear up to the north tip of the island.  It is the main highway but is still only a two lane road with intermittent passing lanes.  It took us about 8 hours to get there with a stop at Lake Taupo and a short side trip to see the Huka Falls.  The lake is a large lake and the water is crystal clear.

 We stopped and took a picture of this black swan (we think).  
 This was a picture of people enjoying the lake on a sailboat.  With all the lakes in New Zealand we are surprised that we don't see more water activities.
 This is a brave person who decided it was a good day for para sailing. 
 This is Huka Falls which is just outside of Lake Taupo.  These falls were created by the water from Lake Taupo flowing into the Waikato River.  This is the only outlet and when the canyon walls narrow the water flows rapidly through the narrow canyon thus creating the falls.

At the end of the falls it goes back into calmer water.

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