Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sevens World Series

Wellington is never boring and the sights change from day to day.  On February 3rd and 4th Wellington hosted the Sevens World Series.  This is a rugby game which is played with 7 players instead of 13 players.  The time is shorter than a regular rugby game.  The regular game is 40 minute halves with a short half time.  The 40 minute halves are continuous running time without breaks.  However, in the sevens game it is 7 minute halves with a 2 minute half time.  Teams come from all over the world, even the United States.  They play at least 3 games each day and then it is eliminated down to two teams.  The last two teams were Fiji and New Zealand.  Of course New Zealand won 24-0.

 You might wonder what these pictures have to do with the rugby game.  Well only in Wellington did they decide to have a tradition of dressing up to go to the game and since the stadium is across the street from the archives we had a little surprise when we left work on Friday and were greeted by all of these people dressed up.  We thought that we had missed Halloween.  They go all out because there is a cash prize for the best costume.

All weekend everywhere that we would go we were greeted by more and more people dressed in different outfits.  Some of them were very creative. The two pictures above have made a flip flop that they carry on their backs.

February 3 and 4, 2012

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