Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Devotional - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

It was another day of training on the digital camera.  We feel a little more confident with it but right now we have just enough knowledge to be dangerous.  An auditor came from Salt Lake and talked to us this afternoon and then reviewed our work.  Luckily, we passed.

Tonight we had a devotional and Elder Jeffrey R. Holland was the speaker.  He admonished the missionaries to be good examples in the mission field and be remain faithful when they return home and throughout their lives.  He is a very powerful speaker with a great sense of humor.  For example, he said that he was so old that he had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.  It was fun afterwards to see the young missionaries silently standing outside waiting for him to exit to his car.

We don't know what happened but he said he was very emotional because less than 4 hours ago a missionary had given her life for the church.  We pray that comfort will be with that missionaries family.  (Today we learned that a sister missionary had been killed in an automobile accident in the state of New York)

Elder Holland then answered about five questions given to him by missionaries.  One of the questions was what was his best advice.  His answer was serving a mission, marrying his wonderful wife and continually gaining an education.

You could certainly feel his Spirit during the devotional.  He is one of our favorite General Authorities.

It was another great day at the MTC.

The following is from Don's journal:

Kathy and I just got back from Tuesday night devotional.  The speaker was Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.  He is one of my favorite people.

He first stated that he loves all of us, especially because we are missionaries.  He stated that more missionary work will be done in this dispensation than all the other dispensations put together.  All the other dispensations ended in apostasy.  This one will not.  He stated that we are carrying on our shoulders the missionary work starting with Adam.  He also stated that we are chosen.  No one in history has done what we are about to do.  He said the Book of Mormon people are depending on us because they were not successful as missionaries.  Today is the day every prophet has dreamed about.  If there ever was a symbol of the church it would be the picture of two missionaries - Honor the church and be the best you can be forever.

Then he answered questions that the missionaries had prepared for him during the day.

1.  What is the most important thing Christ wants us to know?  This is the truth.  That everything He said is true.
2.  How do you invite the spirit? (a)  Dive into the scriptures.  The Book of Mormon is the vehicle to the Spirit.  The Spirit comes by way of the scriptures. (b) Learn to pray.  (c) Don't lose the Spirit.
3.  What the best advice you have every received?  (a)  To go on a mission (b) To get married at the right time, right place, right person. (c) Get as much education as you can.  Be as good as you can at what you do.
4.  What is the greatest gift I can give the Savior?  Give Him your heart.  Your job is to open your mouth.  Your tools will be words.  It must come from your heart.
5.  Why does God love us?  Because we are His children.  Remember that God loves you.  Get the Spirit and don't lost it.

Listening to Elder Holland tonight was very spiritual.  His talk was very spiritual.  His talk was a good testimony builder.  May the Spirit always be with Kathy and I as we serve this mission in New Zealand.  We both pray we will have the opportunity to do missionary work along with Family History work.  We plan to continue to study the scriptures and the Preach My Gospel Manual.

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