Sunday, August 28, 2011

Teaching of the first discussion

They say there is no rest for the weary.  Well they are right but we think that there is no rest for the righteous.  I think that we have been in retirement too long and we now have to start early in the morning and our days are filled with classes, activities, devotionals and lesson preparation.

Yesterday we spent the whole day in preparation to teach the lesson on the Restoration to a non-member (which was actually a member playing the part of a non-member.)  Then today we went into a room with the investigator who was a man named Gerald Jensen who is 80 years old and gave him the lesson.  This assignment was way out of our comfort zone.  They then video taped us and later reviewed with us what we did right and how we could improve.

The motto they want us to use is that you teach people not lessons so we are to follow the Spirit in teaching

In fact we were to teach the lesson on the Restoration but Gerald said he lost his wife 12 years ago and wanted to know if he would ever see her again.  So we changed our lesson to the Plan of Salvation which was scary because we hadn't really prepared for that lesson.

We have to do another discussion tomorrow afternoon.  The discussions are really hard for us.  We wrote down a goal to use more scriptures in our teaching so we will be busy tonight looking up scriptures that are relevant to the discussion.

The new missionaries came today so we went to the front at lunch to watch the parents drop off their sons/daughters.  The elders and sisters seemed very happy to be here.  The parents not so much.

August 24, 2011

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