Monday, August 29, 2011

Training Day

Today was our first day of training on the computer (digital camera).  We thought you just took pictures of documents but the process is a little complicated.  However, with practice it should become a lot easier.

The hardest part is calibrating all the equipment.  There has to be just the right amount of light hitting the document and then everything has to be aligned.  At the end of every week a little box called a shuttle is sent to Salt Lake City.  We thought it was sent electronically but it is actually physically sent.

We actually have to log in our hours every week and they have to total 80.  It almost like going back to work but in a very beautiful place.  Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.  Luckily we like each other.  The instructor said a couple of weeks ago he trained a couple that kept fighting with each other.  So far we haven't fought so so far so good.

August 29, 2011

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