Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alex Olmstead entering the MTC

We contacted Amy Wixom to see what time Alex Olmstead (our neighbor in St. George) was suppose to report to the MTC for his mission to Guatamala.  She e-mailed us and said around 1:25 this afternoon.  Since Don and I are the only two in our digital camera class we took a later lunch and got to see his family drop him off.  Susan (his mother) was wearing sunglasses to hide the tears.  It was nice seeing the whole Olmstead family.  The Spanish speaking Sisters and Elders are in the same building where we have our training so we saw Alex once in one of the classrooms.  He got his mission call about a week before us so we both have been waiting for about 4 months.  I think he was excited to finally be here.

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