Friday, September 2, 2011

Field Trip to Salt Lake City

Happy Birthday to Kevin and Kirk today.  It seems strange that they are getting more mature but we are getting younger.  Pretty soon we'll be the same age.  It seems like yesterday that they were born.

Today we had a field trip to Salt Lake City.  We went to the Church Office Building to meet our auditor and to be briefed on what they look for when they audit.  They then took us out to lunch at the cafeteria located in the building.  It was nice to meet them and also to get out for the day.

We are now trying to fit and arrange the luggage to meet the 50 lb. limit on the luggage that goes on the plane and the 15 lb. carry on limit.  Air New Zealand only allows 15 lbs for carry on or you are charged $80.00.  Wish us luck!!!

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