Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Different Words

Today we went out to a restaurant to eat lunch.  Some of the people in our groups ordered mince pies.  Don looked at that but didn't think mince pie sounded too good.  But he soon found out that mincemeat is actually hamburger.  Some of the other things that are different are:  checkmark = tic mark  clapping=speeding  give way=yield   please indicate=turn on blinker   lift=elevator  flat=apartment   brilliant=great    bacon=ham

Today at work we saw a fire in the direction of our flat.  Then when we came home the road was closed by fire trucks and the fire was only about 2 blocks from us.  The firemen had a hard time getting to the fire because it was in the rear of the house with houses below it on a steep hill.

I tried baking brownies tonight but the oven is gas which has to be lit every time it is used and there isn't any degrees only numbers 1 through 9.  Someone said to use 5 because it is in the middle.  However, the brownies looked done on the outside but they were raw on the inside.

Friday we feed the missionaries so I hope my casserole will cook.

For the brownies I used my measuring cups from the USA and the missionaries said a cup here is not the same because they use an Imperial cup which is less so I added too much liquid to the brownies.  The missionaries ate them anyway.  In fact the missionaries will eat everything put before them.

September 14, 2011

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