Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Walking Wellington

Don and I still don't have a car so we walked a lot yesterday.  We went to the Vodafone store because our internet still isn't working.  I think we have the problem solved so hopefully this week it will be hooked up.

Since Wellington is built on a hill there is a lot of climbing.  By our flat there are stairs going from the Terrace down to Willis Street which is part of downtown.  Yesterday I counted the steps and there are 143 steps.  So you can see Don and I get a good work out every day.

We also went to the Rugby Stadium and then went to Te Papa Museum where we got to see the Rugby Players.  We don't understand the game but it is a big sport in New Zealand.

Te Papa Museum is very big and free.  It has something for everyone including a special section for children which is very hands on.  We will have to go back and spend a whole day.

I also wanted to find a cable car located near us.  We finally found it and it goes from the top of the hill near the University down to Lambton Quay located at the lower end of town.

Later we met the Ditchburn's, Lupe and the McVey's.  We had dinner and then went to see the movie Jane Eyre.  The theater was very nice.  I have never read the book but after seeing the movie I need to read it.

September 18, 2011

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