Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ward Conference

Today was our ward conference.  The theme for the stake is "Trying to be like Jesus" and the ward goal is friendshipping everyone.  They are a very friendly ward.  The Bishop spoke and then 2 members were ask to bear their testimonies.  After that the Stake Relief Society President and the two counselors to the Stake President spoke.  The talks were outstanding.  In this ward we always stand for the rest hymns.  It is a nice idea because it wakes you up.

Also in priesthood the counselor in the Stake Presidency ask Don to bear his testimony.  The speaker was left on in the Relief Society room so all of us got to hear part of his testimony.

Whenever they have ward conference they do a munch and mingle afterwards.  They know how to throw a munch and mingle. There was so much food and it was all very delicious.

Also in Relief Society they gave us a new book put out by the church called "Daughters in My Kingdom."  It is about Relief Society and I think that every sister should get one.

This morning we got to Skype Heather and Ethan.  I think James wondered why his grandpa and grandma were on the computer.  It was fun talking to them and especially being able to see them.

Don drove to church today and he is doing an exceptional job.  I would be freaking out if I was driving.  To get to church you have to go through a long tunnel which is very narrow.  Don has to stay towards the middle so he doesn't remove a side mirror.  Elder Brazzeal said it costs about $2,000.00 to replace a mirror.

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