Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nghi Nguyen Quang's baptism

Later we went to a baptism for Nghi Nguyen Quang.  He is from Vietnam and is in his early twenties.  He is studying accounting at the University.  They said there have been 15 baptisms in this ward this year.  This is the second baptism since we came three weeks ago.

At night we watched another rugby game.  It was between New Zealand and France.  New Zealand won.  When New Zealand plays they do this dance at the beginning.  It is like a Maori dance.  It looks like a fearsome war dance with the tongue hanging out.  It is fun to watch.  We also watched the game between USA and Australia.  USA lost 67 to 5.  It was very sad.

Because it is considered spring here we set our clocks forward (spring forward) for daylight savings time.  Daylight Savings Time starts tomorrow.

Don drove around today and did a great job.  We got lost a couple of times but the important thing is we made it back home.

September 24, 2011

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