Tuesday, September 20, 2011

USA - New Zealand

Difference between USA and New Zealand
1.  Drive on other side of road.
2.  Walk on other side of sidewalk.
3.  Light switches are opposite.
4.  All outlets have a on/off switch.
5.  Hot and cold faucets are opposite.
6.  Toilet flushers are on the top with one button for number 1 and the other button for number 2.
7.  Light bulbs don't screw in.  They have two prongs that you line up and then twist.
8.  Steering wheel is on opposite side of car.
9.  Sun appears to come up in the west because the ocean is on the east and the ocean is suppose to be on the west.  Our directions are totally off.
10. No heater or air conditioner.  We have a heat pump which is rare.  Most people just have stand alone heaters.
11.  Numbers on phone are opposite.  We start with 1 and they start with 9.

We have a light in our bedroom that is very high and it has a round dome covering.  Don turned on the light the other night and it exploded and went through the top of the light fixture and landed on the floor.  There is now a hole in the top of the light.  The manager said that since we have moved in all these strange things are happening.  We hope it doesn't continue.

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